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About Kindred Krafters

Kindred Krafters started out as a way for carers and children to interact, learn and bond through crafting. My activities were designed with children in mind, but I soon realised that adults love crafting too! I now focus on making my printable artwork as fun for adults as it is for the little ones.

My work is still inspired by the journey and adventure I share with my own toddler, whose imagination seems to be without a boundary. He loves to be involved in the whole process, choosing a project and printing it out; to cutting, painting and choosing what to do with our new creations.

All my work is sold as a digital download, ready to be printed instantly, without hassle. Once you purchase an activity, it is yours to use as many times as you wish, making them perfect for playgroups, parties, or even nursing homes.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you find joy and inspiration in my designs.

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